If you have doubts about a procedure or management with the administration. Contact the organization that offers it.

You can find the link to the procedures in different sections, depending on how the agency has configured it. For example:

a) Going to the entity's electronic headquarters and going to the specific section of "procedures"


Figure 1: Image of the entity's electronic HEADQUARTERS detailing Services, procedures and management


Although sometimes they provide us with a specific section, more visible directly on their own website, which already leads directly to the procedures:

Figure 2: Image of the body's website where the procedures are published


b) From its transparency portal. Specifically in the "Catalog of services and procedures" family.


Figure 3: Image of the entity's transparency portal detailing the Catalog of services and procedures


 From these links you will reach the institution's catalog:



Figure 4: Image of the agency's catalog (Castellbisbal case)



It may also be the case that the typical e-TRAM catalog is not used (as is the previous case of the Castellbisbal example); in these cases you can find own models such as:



Figure 5: Image of the organization's own catalog (Alella case)



From the catalog, the procedure will go directly to the authentication page (prior to processing)



Figure 6: Image of the authentication page


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