Each procedure presents a detailed file that includes the following information:

  • A description of different fields where you can find the details of each procedure.

The standard form template includes the following fields:

    • Name of the procedure
    • Description
    • Competent / Responsible Body
    • Processing area
    • Thematic classification
    • Who can ask for it?
    • Processing channels
    • Period of the year in which it can be requested
    • Application deadline
    • Prerequisites
    • price
    • Means of payment
    • Data and documents
    • Printouts of the procedure
    • regulations
    • Average Resolution Time
    • Administrative silence
    • Ways of complaint
    • Other information of interest
  • It includes the "More information" section, which displays accessory fields.
  • It allows the download of the document in text format to present in person at the institution's registry, if applicable.

Below is a generic instance with the details of all the fields that can be customized by the entity itself.


Figure 1: Image of the procedure with the more information section displayed

  • A button to start the electronic processing "Start"  Figure 2: Image of the Start button detail and more highlighted information


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