The catalog of procedures is the door to the processing of all the procedures offered by an entity.


Figure 1: Image of access to the catalog of procedures of an entity


The main elements of the catalog are:

  • A search engine : in the catalog of procedures published by us you can find a search engine to narrow down the procedure you are looking for.
  • The details of all available procedures : beyond the highlighted procedures, you will find the available procedures offered by the institution.
  • Access to the "El Meu Espai" citizen folder : it will allow you to consult at any time the status of your management and procedures with the Administration in a simple, integrated and inter-administrative way.

Figure 2: Image of access to my personal space


Within the catalog you will also find an informative space for highlights that we have by default and can customize

 Figure 3: Image of access to the information space with standard highlights


Example of an entity with its personalized information space:

 Figure 4: Image of access to the information space with highlights customized by the entity


Remember that everything is responsive and therefore access via mobile devices is viable.

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